Thursday, July 23, 2015

Honorable losers

One of the themes in John Keegan's 1993 History of Warfare is how armies become set in their ways and fail to adapt to new conditions. This leads to defeat. Men get a vision in their heads of what constitutes honorable war and stick to it, even when their enemies, unfettered by this ethic, are finding new ways to slaughter them.

I have recently thought of "decent" conservatives like this. Look at how all the supposed little Hitlers of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy are running like little girls from association with Donald Trump because he didn't say nice things about Mexicans. Rick Perry, whom I once thought would be a good president, is having a moralizing meltdown over it.

I don't expect Trump to become the GOP candidate. They'll find a way to take him down. Because, after all, like Romney and McCain, they're committed to losing "decent."

The image that comes to mind is the soldiers of George III, all lined up in bright uniforms, out in an open field, slowly marching toward their equally honorable opponents. But in this case, they're fighting a combined force of Viet Cong and Al-Qaeda.

Guess who wins.

Being a characterological pessimist, I can't really envision a post-America that resembles anything like I want it to.  Truth be told, I suspect that the Whites will continue to commit suicide and fade away into history like the Romans. North America and Europe will become Coulter's "Third World hellholes" and China will rise as the next world power. As much as my bad knee makes me regret aging, I am not entirely unhappy knowing that I will not live long enough to see the worst of it. If I were a young White man, starting to see what I see...

But in the meantime, I don't see any point in being "honorable" or "decent" anymore. What has it gotten us? What victories have come our way because of it? More to the point, how many defeats and losses has it gained us. Ay, there's the rub.

Even if One Trick Pony Trump were, by some miracle, to be the GOP nominee and actually win the Presidency...would the combined powers that be actually allow him to carry the enormous reverse migration we need?

Sts. Ferdinand and Isabella, Expellers of the Alien, pray for us.

Maybe I'll take a nap and hope to re-dream that indecent dream I had last week...


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-A said...

St. Ferdinand and Isabella, expellers of the alien
St. Charlemagne, nurturer of the soul

I agree. Though, Europeans have been through this all before. As were the Caucasians before us which drove us to Europe to begin with. The best will survive who do not die of old age. If it makes you feel better, I will regale the other of St. Ex Cathedra, the Realist. Honor his foresight of the worst possible outcomes by realizing the same and doing something to actually account for the fact that this world is not perfect. God...that will be hard after a couple generations. Once things get good and civilized one has to rear their children to learn to take care of themselves and even then, we would need real leadership peopled by those who see the world as it really is and do not recoil into a gossamer blanket of pretty lies.


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