Friday, July 10, 2015

I Have A Dream!

Ah, yes, in the immortal words of the only true American Saint, Rev Dr Martin Luther King, from whom all righteousness flows...and to whom desperate White conservatives fly for patronage and exculpation.


I had a dream.

I was hanging Barack Obama from a lamppost in front of the White House.
In the old English style, as part of the very gruesome drama of hanging, drawing and quartering, the condemned man --women were never subjected to this end-- , after being dragged through the streets, was slowly raised off the ground by the noose around the neck until almost dead, and then revived and brought to the slaughtering table alive, where he was emasculated, slowly disembowelled and had his entrails burned, then beheaded and his four limbs hacked off.

It was the punishment for treason. So I guess the association with O is apt. 

Being lazy, I guess, I was just hanging Barack, serially. Pulling on the rope until he was about choking to death and then letting him down to catch his breath and then doing it again. Over and over.

Hmmm. Can you be prosecuted for what your unconscious serves up to you. Is there such a thing as a "hate dream?"



-A said...

Holy shit:

1) I bet there is such a thing as a hate dream, especially once the left manages to convince itself that it is capable of Total Recall technology

2) Both methods of execution sound fantastic.

3) Could anybody be reliably revived after hanging in any era? Is there a right way and a wrong way to hang someone to be able to do this?

4) Why beheading first and amputation second? Is it just the sentence structure and not the order of events themselves?

My goodness Ex Cathedra/Dr. Andro are getting quite dark. Thank goodness you have an outlet to tide you over until the revolt. I wonder, am I a bad influence on you? Back before I started posting, keeping in mind I have read your posts since at least 2012 though it feels like '09, you never would have even said DarkieBrowns the way you did. I felt that it was out of respect for that one negro lover of yours (Mr. C? I don't remember. It was one of the letters of the alphabet) but now, there is such raw violence and hatred. I love it. I know that you are a man in control and I trust you and such and I am happy to know that there are not things you are afraid of getting out of you. I kind of wondered how the eventual increase in degree of your fiery venom at the degeneration of the society you love would come about and I must say that even though I am surprised now, it is not as berserk as I thought it might build up to being. This tells me that you have more self control than what most people who would read about your dream would ever assume. I would love to see you in the same room as Francis: Pope of the Third World. Brett Stevens would personally Saint you and declare a place in heaven for you no matter how badly you sent the traitor of the Cloth to Cocytus.


p.p.s: "Apres moi, la deluge"

DrAndroSF said...

Well, I have long practiced observing my dark side impulses. Not enacting them, and not letting myself be manipulated by fear of their existence. Especially in dreams.

DrAndroSF said...

Plus, I'm very clear that, as appropriate for the dream genre, O is a symbol. He is not the problem, just its personification. The problem is the American Electorate.

-A said...

There will be nooses hanging and heads rolling at some point though. One can only hope that the correct targets are chosen. Correct people tend to be correct targets. Politically correct people, that is.


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