Monday, July 13, 2015

Alt History

Abraham Lincoln, the amusingly named Great Emancipator, intended, after the war was over and the slaves all freed, to transport them back to Africa (whence their fellow Blacks had captured and sold them)  or to some similarly tropical place in Central America.

Fate intervened and here we are.

If old Abe's plan had been carried out and say, by 1900, there were no more Africans in accursed America, the site of their sufferings, and they'd now had the dignifying experience of more than 100 years as self-governing peoples, either in their beloved mother continent or somewhere far south of here, would it have been decisively worse
for either group?


1 comment:

-A said...

I would say that it would have been decidedly worse for them. In fact, there likely would have been less of a means for the truly crazed liberals to warp our country as much as they did, less aid would have been sent to their populations and they would likely already be decimated to very small tribes. Though, much of the upcoming tragedies to befall Africa, which will have a fierce effect on demographics, are caused by the wanton introduction of free medication.


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