Saturday, July 25, 2015

Zionism Is Racism!

Gee, you say that like it's a bad thing.

Knowing ExC's opinion of the deadly chimera "racism" and its noxious brood of ideological siblings ("anti-semitism" included), you might be forgiven for thinking it was a cheap headline ploy to attract new readers.

Bingo, as the Catholics say.

Whatever one may think or feel about the Jewish State or about Jews, Israel may in fact be our White (separatist/nationalist/supremacist/whateverist) future: to be an embattled but prosperous and powerful ethno-state surrounded by a sea of resentful and envious savages. Like the WhiteLiberal parts of Oakland.

We have much to learn from modern day Zion.

Although most Jews and virtually all Jewish organizations in the West are enthusiastic promoters of the Third World invasion of Gentile Christian lands, when it comes to their own people's west-Asian homeland, na-ah. We could position ourselves as advocates of "Jewish multiculturalism," just like them...everywhere else but here.

They did make a huge mistake, though, one that we can learn from. They let a significant Arab minority population remain inside their new borders. One out of five "Israelis" is an Arab. Not smart.
A homegrown petri dish for subversion.

When White Zion comes about, the EuroCaucasian Rez in North America, it would be prudent to avoid such a mistake. I myself would make an exception for the Indians who find themselves inside. This is their old turf, with no where else to go. Importantly, their numbers are tiny, so they could be both treated decently and handled effectively. Pretty well everyone else who was not Zion EurAmerican material: off ya go. Israel's policy on deporting alien "migrants" is clean, clear and eminently rational. When, like the post-WWII Jews, you know that your folks are on the fast track to extinction you don't really have the leisure to be "fair-minded" about populous strangers who have lots of other options besides parasiting off you and then accusing you of "privilege."

I'm sure a lot of the Jews who love multiculturalism for thee but not for me would be howling in righteous rage at our "racism". They do that well. But, hey, we'd say, We goyim learned this from you.


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-A said...

It would be smart to observe their few intelligent leaders who agree with sealing the borders airtight but, many in Israel are very liberal as well. It was specifically because of those many liberals, whom despise Netanyehu with a passion (more than Natalie Portman...who is kiking up France) are the ones who pushed for those immigrants.

Once we of the Sangre Azur have our own EthnoState, we will be certain not to include Jews among those allowed in. As much as I love him, not even Gene Wilder. As for the Indios, who knows what the size of our EthnoState will be? If we do not have to, I am all for even leaving them to defend themselves because there would be miscegenation and even that does not end well. I know because of family. It is amazing how you think you are so cruel. I am much more cruel than you in regards to all of this. I simply do not seem to have the sweetness gene that almost all Whit people have. I do not necessarily hate any race which is not European anymore but, I do not like them and would never allow them in my country were it at all up to me. If it were really up to me, Europe would oust all uncoaxed liberals into Africa and restore both Absolute Monarchy as well as Catholicism. I don't care how imperfect it is, it is as beautiful as the Europeans' wheat colored hair and more useful than anything else that is post-Pagan.


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