Sunday, July 05, 2015

(Black) Chicago as usual

And Chicago is just one city.  A 7 year-old among the 4 dead and 27 wounded.  Though it's a huge improvement from last Independence Day: 16 dead and 82 shot.

One messed up White kid takes out several Blacks and it's a national emergency.

Amongst their own, they do this all the time. Every weekend.

The Number One cause of death for Black Males 15-34 is murder.

And Blacks are murdered by other Blacks 93% of the time.

Yet, in the face of massive evidence that even their allies produce, we are told by "Josh Sugarmann" that "every American should be ashamed" of how these people regularly off each other. He puts it this way:

"...our nation's gun violence epidemic places a disproportionate burden on African Americans."

Get that? As if some alien force has loaded their poor innocent shoulders with a "disproportionate burden" they have nothing to do with...Like an airborne plague or a meteor from outerspace.

But it's not "our nation's" gun violence. It's theirs. Their nation's. Because they "disproportionately" kill each other. I am not "ashamed" of it because it has nothing to do with me and mine.

The Blackactivists and the SJW's tell us that #BlackLivesMatter. 

Apparently #BlackLivesDontMatterToOtherBlacks


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