Sunday, July 05, 2015

Sunday morning July 2015

The bright sun, blue sky and freshly made Pacific air flowing in from the ocean. Crossing the quiet street to buy a muffin for my coffee. People playing with their dogs and their little kids. Birds singing in the backyard. The occasional car going by. Quiet. The bell ringing for 10 o'clock Mass at Holy Redeemer. Mr B calls to check in, give me grief, and make me laugh, and make me happy that I know him.

How many people in history have enjoyed Sunday mornings as wonderful as this?


Sunburned skin has now turned hard and started to flake off. Makes me realize how common this was for me as a boy and how long it's been since it last happened. Sunscreen: yet another major civilizational advance by the West. I recall the first time I tested it out, a weekend in Provincetown. I sat on the beach for hours in the sun. That night, nothing. It was miraculous.

If only my birthfather had been Italian rather than a tall, pale Celt marrying into a family of tall, pale Nordics. Summers would have been less painful.


I ordered something from Amazon. They predicted delivery on Sunday July 5. I thought it was a mistake. But I opened the door this morning and there it was. Amazon delivers on Sunday.


My friend L emailed me about the boy-boy wedding she came to town for: "Imagine My Big Fat Greek Wedding meets Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert meets The Birdcage."

My contribution to a comments exchange on an Orthodox site, where a gay couple were whining that refusing to marry them "robbed them of hope." (They always personalize everything, the lefty victims: If you don't give me what I want, gay puppies will be slaughtered and it will be your fault! The teenager blackmail approach...)
I am a long-time “out” guy and happy to be who I am, although it made staying within the Church impossible for me. I value the Church now for one reason only: its solitary resistance against the genderist destruction of male-female difference in service of the larger Leftist program of entirely destroying the West, aka the erstwhile European Christendom of Latins, Orthodox and Protestants. (Of the churches’ treasonous complicity in replacing those peoples with masses of Third World invaders, it is better to pass over in silence, however.) 
That said, I am very disappointed in my “gay” brethren for fixating on marriage as their obsession du jour for validation and societal status. Politically, it is clearly a power move. But archetypally, it is a huge mistake. 
I am all in favor of long and stable bonds between same-sex partners. I am blessed to have one myself. But what marriage sacramentalizes is not generic; it is specifically the fruitfulness (literal and metaphorical) of male-female union. To me, gay “marriage” is straight drag; the clothes are hand-me-downs and ill-fitting. 
“Internalized homophobia” is a regular issue in the gay world. The sad irony is that the biggest societal triumph of gays is precisely that: a failure to valorize their own unique capacities, precisely as lovers, friends and kin… of the same sex… in exchange for a self-colonizing and “heteronormative” imitation. For a group that so trumpets its creativity, it shows a massive lack of imagination.
I remember the interim period between Defiant Queerness and Complete Assimilation when straights would inquire of a gay couple about who was the husband and who was the wife. Outrage would follow: What makes you think we have to mimic your pathetic gender-based role games? Well, twenty years later: ta-dah! Gay Marriage.

Like I say, massive failure of imagination...and self-regard.


I am a big fan of my own coffee.  Half French Roast, half Espresso. Thick, dark, strong, wonderful. I only drink it in the morning and rarely have coffee after that. But I really like having it in the morning. I am not at all grumpy on waking but I am a bit ungainly till the caffeine hits. When I used to go and stay for long periods with my Mom and Dad, I'd bring my own blend and had my own coffee maker. Aside from that, I was a very easy and cooperative guest. But I couldn't drink the swill my Dad made.


The rats leaving the sinking ship. All the White Males --politicians, businesses, even NASCAR-- damning Donald Trump for his sacrilege against the Holy Mexicans and the Holy Immigrants, both of which groups are sacred and noble. Mr B offered to use a Macy's gift card he got to buy something for me that I have been wanting. No way am I gonna give money to Macy's. Fuck 'em.  Fuck 'em all.

Can there be a political attitude which is not suicidal, other than this?

If it's good for White Men, then I'm for it.
If it's not, I'm agin it. 

And if my enemies want to call ExCathedra a "racist," or "supremacist," or "nationalist," what's that to me?

After all, what's a "multiculturalist" but a fancy decoy name for a People of Color supremacist?
The same Leftist hivemind which now assures us that the outcome of their Social Justice War will be a raceless society are the same ones who laid waste to the earth and destroyed a hundred million lives and even more souls with their promise of a classless society.

Not one single loss or damage to White Men since WWII has been put in effect without either the active cooperation or the willing permission of White Men. (I used to be one of them.) What we have lost, we have lost by our own choices. Every single time.

And even if, as many of the men I read are convinced, The Tribe had a massive hand in it all, still, we let them.

One of the great mysteries of history one day --if our people are still around to ask the question-- will be how the men of the most successful race and culture in history suddenly, so swiftly and so willingly. lost all self-confidence and slit their own throats to appease people who loathed them.

It beggars belief.


I need more coffee!



Anonymous said...

Had some stimulating conversation with my remaining priest uncle yesterday. The man knows his theology quite well. If any man deserves a bishopric, it's him. I kind of idolize him. He's the kind of man I could find myself falling very hard for: tall, solidly built, athletic, and quite manly. No nebbishy dork, him. But the triple threat of his heterosexuality, consanguinity, and priesthood prevent me from considering even alternate realities where he wasn't any of those. He has this ability to refine his explanations to people. Incredibly personable, and he doesn't look down on you for asking a question. I know what he would say if I came out to him. Heck, he could probably say, "I understand why you may think that way, but so-and-so had the same idea back in such-and-such, and it was shot down because reasons a-c-b."


OreamnosAmericanus said...

Didn't know you had two clerics in the family. Nice to know --in a nostalgic kind of way-- that there are still priests who defy the stereotypes.

Of course you never can really predict how someone will respond to you if you come out to them. Or, importantly, if their first response will turn out to be their ongoing response, once the initial revelation is digested.

You know my own assessment, that being a self-accepting and actively homosexual man and an actual Catholic don't mix. Many, as you also know, disagree.

Anonymous said...

Before my one uncle's death, I had four living relatives who were priests: two uncles, and two great-uncles. And many others on both sides- one on my father's cousins (a couple times removed, I think) was beatified by John Paul II for the torture he suffered at the hands of the Soviets in the gulags.

Obviously active homosexuality and faithful Catholicism are incompatible. I've come to terms with that. I suppose one could pursue a relationship and still obey the discipline as to the Sacraments- even if you are a bad Catholic, at least have the courage to admit it!


-A said...

Good lord, Sean! You have some devoted blood! You know, if prostitutes can still live as Catholics, decent gay men can too. Perhaps. I don't know. I just know a lot of prostitutes who are Catholic and there do not seem to be a lot of problems with this at their Parishes. Ecclesiastical and Hierarchical societies are often built with the expectation of some level of hypocrisy. Homosexuality is often one of the subjects of this hypocrisy. Especially in England.

I hope you are not offended by this but, when you described your uncle, I immediately thought of the Paladin Alexander Anderson. Imagine coming out to him!^^ As much as he is a villain though, he would probably just calmly give you liturgy, tell you it is wrong, to go to confession and to do a trillion Hail Mary's, Acts of Contritions and Our Father's and then be on your way.

To the article: men are weak in this society because they were taught to be that way since boyhood.


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