Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The Neo-Con-versos

After Ferdinand and Isabella finally completed the 700 year battle to rid Europe of Africans, they made a terrible mistake. They allowed Jews and Muslims who would convert to Catholicism to remain in the country.*

The madly over-inflated image of the Spanish Inquisition as the epitome of Catholic evil comes largely from its attention to these conversos, on the (well-grounded, as it turns out) suspicion that their many of their conversions were insincere and merely opportunistic, to avoid expulsion.

White Liberals are unwilling neo-conversos.

They must anxiously show their BlackBrown masters that they fully embrace the doctrine of their own intrinsive evil by a) unquestioningly collaborating with whatever revenge-based scheme the BlackBrowns are working on at the moment, and b) by focussing their fury on fellow Whites who refuse to bow to the New Racial Order. Or at least fail to show sufficient enthusiasm.

However, like the Jewish Marranos and the Muslim Moriscos, these White Liberals will always be looked upon as conversos by the natural-born holders of the Privilege of Color. They will never have limpieza de sangre, unless they marry into the Third World and produce the kind of crazed halfbreeds (like Obama, Holder, Jarrett, etc. ) who will work twice as destructively to prove their they prefer their Dark to their White blood. They will have to be driven feverishly to show their allegiance to the New Order, but will always be they should be. Like literate people in PolPot's Cambodia.

Since White evil is not only intrinsic but ineradicable --in the DNA, as Obama recently declared--- their own political faith condemns them to this limbo state of never-finally-accepted repentance.

A state which, like their converso predecessors, they richly deserve.



Anonymous said...

You know, this analogy fills me with a certain amount of savage glee. If you carry the analogy out, we are the Moors. And the way things are playing out in Europe, we may get our revenge yet over here. We may be in a state that we would currently would be ashamed of, but we may yet have our revenge.

The Spanish Inquisition, and the Catholic Inquisitions in general, as I'm sure you know, were a remarkable achievement of judicial restraint and rationality given the time. The Spanish Inquisition was mostly focused on the cities, rather than the rural villages. I can think of only one case where the Spanish Inquisition performed a witch trial; the result was that the S.I. declared the whole thing nonsense, released those accused, and forbade further official witch hunts (which didn't stop peasants from staging impromptu trials and lynchings). In deed, the Roman Inquisition dismissed the notion of people flying on broomsticks, since a priest accurately reasoned that, assuming a broom ever became able to levitate and fly, it would not be able to bear a human being aloft.

Additionally, Torquemada actually advocated for the preservation of Aztec writings, a choice of action that the bishop sent to oversee the missionary work in Mexico (imprudently, in my opinion) rejected.


-A said...

I cannot believe that after all of what Europe went through, Iberia especially, that Ferdinand and Isabella, The Original Blue Bloods, were so damned kind hearted as to allow those savages to stay in their Realm! Fuck the left and their trampling on the memories of our slain Aristocracy which was kind to a fault. I realize I might be over idolizing but, I am in love with a past I will never really see and never really know.

To the mudblooded, napscalped, swell-lipped monkeys of the Third World I have some Francais to splash in the collective face of their patois stupide:

"Une goutte de vin ne change pas, mais la boue, une goutte de boue ruines du vin!"

En conclusion, votre sang est milche!

I love coming here to see pretty pictures, read pretty words and just kind of vent in creative ways with my buds. Holy shit! Ex Cathedra us Cheers except everyone technically only knows Sean's name!


DrAndroSF said...

Glad to have been the occasion for savage glee.

-A said...

You are welcome. As I progress, I will bring more Francais. That is, unless you are tired of the language. I must say, making savage insults in the language is as the Merovingian states: like wiping my ass with silk.

I had to check my grammar. At my current level, I would have used a more English sentence structure and would have said "non ne change pas la boue". Perhaps I will also find a way to account for the accent later down the line, too. It is just easier this way for now. It has been a long time since I really spoke it. DuoLingo is a big help. It would have helped even if I had no exposure to French. It is a free Rosetta Stone and it will eventually have every language. It relies on volunteers to help make the curricula and has beta stages for the lessons but most European languages, Turkish, Vietnamese and Russian are available. What kills me is, Romanian is not ready yet. Once I am done with French, I will move on to that. It might be bordering on Greece as a third world but I would want to visit for the wine and wilderness alone.


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