Saturday, July 25, 2015

Quote from a Deep DarkSider

With which I find little to disagree. Why I no longer style myself  "conservative."

But to the mainstream right, giving up on these issues (immigration, race & crime, etc.) will show others that the right can gain relevance, gain popularity and show that we "care". Let me tell you why this is wrong. The left has a commitment to destroy the right. Many cuckholds think that by giving their wives up to other men, their wives will love them more. But their wives will just leave them to be physically and eventually emotionally attached to the other men. So leaving this civilization to non-whites, degenerates and assorted leftard idiots won't show that you are saving said civilization. You merely gave the go ahead for its demise. 
If your goal is just winning elections to support a small caveat of vague proposals such as "the free market", "small government" and the like while giving the left victories in everything else to show that you're "cool" to certain parts of the left's base, I am sorry to say you won't win. Like I said, the left has a commitment in destroying the right and everything any and all rightists stand for... 
So mainstream rightists, keep telling yourselves that you need the non-white and minority vote to win while they never vote for you. Keep telling yourselves that by losing the culture war, you will win in economics. Keep praising a Negro communist philanderer while telling everyone that "Democrats are the real racists, they supported slavery and Jim Crow" while blacks still call you 'racists'. Keep being under the delusion that Fascism and Nazism were "left-wing" while all the facts show the opposite and the left accuse you of being no better than the Axis. Keep supporting and cucking for Israel while Jews keep voting Democrat and the Israelis don't care about you. Keep being under the myth that by giving in to the left, they will agree with you on something. They won't and they never will.


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-A said...

The Democrats were the true racists back when being a Democrat meant more than just showing up.


I would most certainly consider a movement that uses the phrases "movement" and "system" to describe themselves, speaks greatly of freedom while restricting it and controlling every aspect of society, outlaws smoking, glorifies the single mother, glorifies welfare, scapegoats like desert people in a drought, invented the idea of marketing government to the people, promote vegetarianism, looks down on Chrisitianity while promoting loose Paganism watered down for governemnt values being instilled and is in any way socialist (while condemning both communism and capitalism and blaming both for the world's problems) is still very liberal even if it just so happens that they realize their blood and soil are very important to their soul, eve if they realize that there is a difference between an LCD and a minority and minorities impede proper socialism from working; they are still pretty liberal. Like I said over at Amerika, if Hitler was really a rightist then he would have restored the Claudites to reconstruct what the Wiemar Republic trampled all over.


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