Monday, July 20, 2015

Truly shocking

Here's an online post from a gay muscle-daddy in Boston...unbelievable.

How sick is America? It allows the current stupid, arrogant, narcissist, incompetent, pseudo-intellectual dystopian socialist to continue on his path of destruction. Malevolent and a liar, he expands government in an unprecedented takeover of private industry, making egregious diplomatic and strategic blunders, and intentionally undermining the nation's economy.
Gay lemmings will undoubtedly get sucked into voting for another similar charlatan, but some of us know:
That the current office holder has:
~ Used the guise of "net neutrality" to put the Internet under government control so he could tax something now free and not in need of repair
~ Used American tax dollars to (unsuccessfully) influence Israel's election
~ Considers himself a scholar, yet never produced ONE peer-reviewed journal article or book
~ Whined about corporate "fat cats" and their jets…then flew Air Force One to NYC for a play date with his wife
~ Went on a $100,000 Hawaiian vacation…then returned to complain about income inequality
~ Flew his dog on a helicopter to a Martha's Vineyard vacation
~ Spent $100 million for a family junket to Africa
~ Went golfing after receiving news of the beheading of Americans by its sworn enemies
~ Rode on the support of gays but said nothing as gays were thrown from building tops by Muslim terrorists
~ Promoted energy policies that failed and now takes credit for lower fuel prices related to the policies he mocked and worked against
~ Selected race mongers as his chief advisors
~ Continues to portray himself as a victim and to blame his predecessor for problems that he caused or aggravated
~ Blamed the killing of 4 embassy personnel by jihadists in Libya on a "disgusting and reprehensible video"
~ Established a public "red line in the sand" in Syria, then ignored it as that country's leader gassed his own people
~ "Reset" the relationship with Russia by dismantling missile defenses in Poland and the Czech Republic
~ Encouraged 1/3 of Iraq including all of Mosul to be retaken by jihadists as Christians were given the choice of conversion to Islam, flight, or death
~ Defended his attorney general's use of government agencies to run guns out of Mexico in Fast and Furious even after 26 people died as a result
~ Dumped thousands of documents about the federal Fast and Furious program on Election Day
~ Insisted on trying enemy combatants in US civilian courts despite centuries of precedence that cautions otherwise
~ Lied repeatedly about the individual's ability to keep his health insurance
~ Released all 4.5 million residents of the five U.S. territories from ObamaCare on no legal basis
~ Facilitated the transit to the US and then "lawyered up" over 200,000 illegal immigrant kids that his minions dumped into Texas to increase minority numbers in a state politically hostile to him
~ Traded 5 top terrorists for 1 military deserter, against the rule of law, and after the expressed misgivings about doing so by Congress
~ Did nothing about the VA abuses for 5 years. Then took over 3 weeks to respond to them when they were published (and then did nothing again)
~ Ignored a soldier retained against cause in Mexico for over 200 days but rushed his AG to sympathize with a thug in Ferguson
~ Lied about census data
~ Abridged the US Constitution by refusing to enforce laws implemented by Congress
~ Overrode the US Constitution by going directly against laws implemented by Congress
~ Instituted policies that resulted in 1/3 of the American population being on public assistance…a tactic to ensure dependency on him and his party
~ Purposely crippled the world's largest free market economy with 18 trillion dollars of debt
~ Rewrote more than 38 healthcare laws without Congressional approval such that the Budget Office can no longer calculate the law's actual costs
~ Established fiscal and monetary policies to expand economic inequality and then blamed the result on the private sector
~ Charged charter schools, the Catholic Church, and electric utilities because they refused to go along with his health care program
~ Used the National Labor Relations Board, Securities and Exchange Commission, Environmental Protection Agency, and Internal Revenue Service to go after political opponents…and then lied about his administration's involvement in each
~ Fabricated unemployment results
~ Equated the Islamic state to a JV team and announced that Putin is doomed to fail because "countries do not invade other countries in the 21st century"…only to watch terrorism expand and Putin invade the Ukraine
~ Claimed to have "decimated" Al Qaeda
~ Mocked peaceful Americans who cling to their guns and bibles but refuses to address Islamic terrorism
"The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance." ~Cicero 55 BCE


-A said...

Boston Muscle Daddy? This sounds like something you would say. Perhaps this is a trend among homoerotic men who are not at all ashamed of their manhood? Perhaps it is a trend among men who are not ashamed of their manhood and are White in general?


Anonymous said...

I would like a picture, please. For research reasons, you understand.


DrAndroSF said...

Hardly a trend. A shocking exception.

-A said... He is a damn bull. He is also an gray fox of a gent so, that does likely have some gravity on his politics. An albino bull...who will symbolize the end times and the coming of paradise. Or was it just the end of the world? And was is a buffalo? Niggers get the term bull these days so we can give buffalo to the whities.


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