Tuesday, July 07, 2015


When I turned off a news story yesterday in which The Great and Powerful O was going to say something, I heard this voice in my head, "The only thing I want to hear from him is the answer to this question, 'Do you have any last words?' "

Another illegal Mexican has killed several Americans with his unlicensed car. O and the political class and the Church and all the Chamber of Commerce types who've permitted, aided and abetted this invasion are all complicit.
Some idiot White priest is in the SF news today for holding a ceremony with his Chicano parishioners where the six-time deported Mexican piece of garbage killed a young American White woman the other day. He's part of the "Restorative Justice Ministry." Nuns love that crap, too. Everybody says they're sorry and hugs and nobody gets punished. 
O's spokesman has blamed the Republicans' failure to agree to amnesty "comprehensive immigration reform" and the consequent inability of O to handle border security. It is a revoltingly laughable response. But don't get me wrong, the GOP is equally to blame for all this --just read Ms Coulter-- only not for the reasons the Dems say.

To repeat a theme, when I become Consul for Life in the post-American Republic, there will indeed be a border fence, from the Pacific to the Gulf. And it will be festooned with the thousands of bodies of the treasonous criminals who let this invasion happen.

In the legal code of the PostAmerican Republic, there will be a special form of due process for homeland invasion. Very streamlined. Any non-citizen unable to produce proof of legal entry and presence within 48 hours of it being demanded by an officer of the law, will be treated as follows: first offense, corporal punishment by electric shock, tattooing for future ID, and immediate deportation. Second offense, summary execution and display of the body on the border fence.

Since the double border fence will be militarized and invaders will be shot on sight, I suspect that homeland invasion will be a fairly rare occurrence.

To me, home invasion is a 1st class felony by itself; if it includes serious assault, rape or death, it is a hanging offense, no question. But, frankly, it only affects the homeowner and family. Homeland invasion, en masse, threatens the existence of the nation and that makes it even more heinous.

The flag of the PostAmerican Republic is bordered in red.



-A said...

I agree with the laws you propose but, I not only doubt a Republic will last long, I think that America should take over the West Indies and depose the browns who are there immediately. Not only will it make for grand agriculture, fisheries(mostly permaculturally) and vacationing; it will make for a great naval base to be on the look out for boat-brownies.


DrAndroSF said...

Your imagination outstrips mine, -A.

-A said...

Imagination is the key to initiation...of deporting brown people back to where they belong.


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