Wednesday, July 01, 2015

U toob thawts

Spent some time wandering around YouTube.

Computer geeks either speak fluent English with a really bad foreign accent or if native speakers, mush and run everything together fast. Like most intellectuals, they don't realize the difference between what they think in their head and what comes out of their mouths.

The occasional transgender strikes me as someone born in the wrong body, but most of them strike me as troubled adolescents. And boring, teeth-grindingly inarticulate ones at that. The ones who annoy me most are those who wanna join the tribe of guys and at the same time do a feminist dump on men or on "binary" gender. Narcissists who just want the world to celebrate whatever mood they're in.

The bond that some men make with wild animals is jaw-dropping. With lions, with gorillas, polar bears, even alligators. Magical. And watching dogs and human babies interact is a hoot.

You can learn to do a whole host of things via YouTube videos. Quick access to a range of handyman skills. Very useful.

In the wake of the Supreme Court's invention of a constitutional right of genderless marriage, the outpouring of snark, vitriol, contempt and loathing from the triumphant Left is...well, typical.

Why do so many militant atheists --all males-- troll religious sites? Can't get a date, I reckon.

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