Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sanguinary ursinity

Ty Olsson plays Benny the scruffy, gravel-voiced, Southern drawl talkin', bearish vampire on Supernatural.

What's, as they say, not to like?



Anonymous said...

I lost interest in Supernatural after the sixth season. Then I heard rumblings about Dean having... "intense" interactions with a vampire. From the bits I've seen, any scene with Benny and Dean seems to be a contest to see which one can out gravel the other, and they're talking to each other like they've... exchanged fluids, shall we say? Half expecting them to start passionately making out. Hot damn. :)

I know people go on about the angel that Dean hangs out with, but forget him, let me watch Dean and the vampire!


-A said...

Nice. Not, however, what most people think of as a vampire. At least, not since the middle ages. I kind of like the sleek nachtzherer look of modern day...before Twilight.


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