Sunday, July 19, 2015

Allies in the war

Politics in every time and place is a struggle over power, wealth and status: 

  • the capacity to enforce your will on others, 
  • the acquisition of resources for living well 
  • and a recognized place of honor in the human hierarchy.

In contemporary America, the two primary modes of this ubiquitous war are race and gender.

Once disgraceful and even illegal,
now sacrosanct and idealized.

My quick n dirty summation of the last 50 years of the American Republic: Blacks managed to find the moralistic weak spot in Whites and got White men to feel bad about how they had treated them, surrendering their moral self-confidence and attached status to the Black "victims"  Smelling the blood of submission in the water, White women turned on their own men and stabbed them in the back with the knife of feminism.

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-A said...

All this happened with the risen corpse of Massachusetts Bay Colony which led to the Civil War. A few Northerners here or there who could not stand the site of the Norman Dixie decided to fuck shit up while exploiting the patriotism of the Unionist Saxon North. It all started with Calvinist, Distriutisitc, Dispensationalistic White men who turned on their own. I do not ever forget that it is the choice of browns to harm innocent White people who clearly have nothing to do with their predicament but, I cannot ignore how Cocytus is missing a few White Traitors in Her Icy Midst.


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