Saturday, July 18, 2015


One of the things I learned from Hermione Granger is to resist having my speech censored through social control. Instead of talking about He Who Must Not Be Named, she insisted on saying Voldemort, explaining that "fear of the name increases fear of the thing itself."

Although JK Rowling did treat mudblood as the equivalent of nigger. Oh, well, it's hard for that woman to be consistent. (If she were, her books would be a snoozefest.)


I came across a comment from some braindead liberal faggot who was taunting people who connected the Chattanooga shooter with Islam without blaming Christianity for the Westboro Baptist Church, which intends to picket the Marines' funerals.

I wish I had magical powers and could wrap him in a rainbow flag and teleport him into a Muslim country, like Pakistan or Afghanistan or Indonesia or Egypt...and let the good times roll.

Speaking of the Westboros,

as I often have reason to mutter to myself about this and other groups, if this were a healthy society, these folks would have been taken care of by an angry mob many years ago.

Mob violence, like the official police and judiciary, is an ambivalent phenomenon. The word comes from the Latin mobile, fickle. As in La Donne È.
Unfortunately, in our society, you get to be a violent mob by typing on your laptop as part of "social media." Or by voting.


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Anonymous said...

Multiple thoughts. In the final book, one of the details somewhat dropped from the movie is that wizards and witches born to Muggle families are being arrested for "stealing" magic and are being sent to the wizard prison. This includes children being sent to Hogwarts. Hermione calls herself "Mudblood and proud." Which, in hindsight, plays less as an act of defiance and more as an example of liberal "appropriation."

The Westboro scum are some of the worst examples of "Christians" I can think of. I don't recall Jesus ever instructing his disciples to mock the families of dead legionaries that the death of their loved ones was God's punishment for the toleration of certain forms of homosexual relations in Roman society. I wouldn't feel terribly sorry if some ill fate befell them. Though from the sound of it, their rage is being turned inwards, and they are slowly tearing themselves apart in games of moral oneupmanship and Puritanical moral policing. Perhaps God does have a sense of justice.

That said, I still feel zero compulsion to identify with the larger gay community. So far as I am concerned, I am simply a man who is sexually attracted to other men. "Gay" is a foreign concept to me.


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