Friday, March 22, 2013

Worth remembering

"Liberalism speaks the language of individual freedom
in service of the growth of State paternalism."
     Kenneth Minogue, The Liberal Mind [1963]

    (Although State maternalism is a better description of our Nanny.)

Requiring us to believe that we are nothing more than the results of untold aeons of savage apery, we are then commanded to live like angels.
     Ex Cathedra, Who's The Monkey? [2012]

Why does it seem that every new "civil right"* discovered by the Liberal regime requires a policing bureaucracy to reduce the freedom (and increase the taxes) of other people not its direct beneficiaries?
     Ex Cathedra, [Just Now]

* How often do you hear/read "[Fill-in-the-blank-cause] is the Civil Rights issue of our day." Of course, this means that every day will have one and it will never end.

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