Tuesday, March 19, 2013

God vs Catholic Social Doctrine

Seeing a trailer for The Bible series reminds me of what any barroom atheist knows, that the God of the "Good Book" is brutal. Far from "respecting the inherent dignity of the human person and human rights", he brooks no opposition and has his very bloody way whenever it suits him.

Just two examples in the episode make the point clear. First, Joshua and the Israelites attack the people of Jericho, who had done them no harm, but merely stood in their way as they invade the land God promised them (without consulting the current inhabitants). With the exception of the traitorous prostitute Rahab, they put the entire town to the sword. Second, when newly-made King Saul disobeys Prophet Samuel's divine command of total genocide (and animalcide) against the Amalekites, he replaces him with David.

(Kinda makes me think of Allah...)

What would he make of Pope Francis?

In this day and age, the Deity of the Scriptures would be up on charges at The Hague for war crimes against humanity.

I'm not sayin' who's wrong and who's right, God or enlightened humanism. I'm just sayin'.



Unknown said...

Have you read John Courtney Murray's "we hold these truths"? Just wondering what you thought about it if you had.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

Sorry, nope.

Unknown said...

I think you might like it if you were ever bored and wanted some pre-idiocy reading.

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