Saturday, March 09, 2013

Diversity = Death?

Warning: while not vulgar, the language and ideas on this site are blunt and likely to affright and offend the high and tender minded.

SBPDL: Camden: Death by Diversity:

My point in linking this, as in all my other posts about The Most Taboo Subject, is to help members of what Mr Romney delicately calls "the majority population" to free themselves from the "mind-forged manacles" of un-realism and its destructive and manipulative dogma that "the majority population" is either the cause of minority dysfunctions or owes minorities anything and that therefore it cannot assert its own interests. The last fifty years have shown that the cheerful Rainbow Nation idea is a failure.

To paraphrase another writer, The sacralization of non-Whites in our culture is both the opposite of what they deserve, and the principal expression of white Americans’ will to national and racial suicide.

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