Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dark truth

God our Father and Mother Nature have created the conditions within which we must live. And a lot of them are tough. Gauzy visions of Gaia and Our Loving Father In Heaven are hard to jibe with the slaughterhouse on which we actually travel through space.

In Jack Donovan's lucidly archetypal book on the masculine, The Way of Men, he asserts that the nucleus of masculinity is The Gang. A group of men, organized, who stake and hold a turf. It's the nucleus of the State. Seems pretty accurate to me.

And is it not a truth of common sense that if you do not defend your turf, someone else will take it?

Here's my dark thought: there are not enough race riots.

One example of many possible. When I read stories, and see videos, of dark-skinned aliens in England beating up on native White British kids, what I do not see are mobs of White British men taking disproportionate revenge. Or even gangs of White British kids. And that is sad. Because it tells the Asian and African thugs that they can carry on abusing the English, without real consequence.

How horrible of you to think that, much less say it, Ex Cathedra!

Hey, I didn't make the rules:

If you do not defend your turf, someone else will take it.

Tell me I'm wrong.

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