Saturday, March 30, 2013

Obama and Bush

Obama Uses His Egyptian Disaster to Argue That Israel Should Trust the Terrorists:

One of the flaws Obama shares with George W Bush is the assumption --in public at least-- that "we all want basically the same things."

Hidden in there is the American assumption that all these "basically same things" can be compatible.

First of all, we all want "freedom", but that just translates into my ability to live life among my own kind and not necessarily at all allowing other people to do so. This is part of the abstraction that Westerners are particularly prone to, the huge underestimation --at least in public-- of the archetypal power of blood and soil. One of the many frauds within multiculturalism is that it requires us both to worship and to ignore culture, depending on the situation.

Nobody really believes in Universal Human Rights except Westerners. Everyone else subscribes to them only insofar as it benefits them and their tribe. They are often savages and barbarians and thugs but they are not foolish.

(While I'm at it, with thanks to John Kekes, isn't the existence of separate nations just a global form of segregation? If segregation within a nation is deeply evil, then why is the segregation that is the defintion of nations not just as evil? That is the unasserted assumption within the drive to integrate White nations via massive Third World immigration. )

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