Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's reactive of me I know

Hungary’s constitutional undermining of internationally protected human rights | Amnesty's global human rights blog:

But if the EU is against these changes to the Hungarian constitution --which they already dislike-- they are probably pretty good ideas.

My favorite part:
The amendment also contains other elements that could permit the incarceration of the homeless.
As one homeless activist said in his speech at a weekend demonstration, as a consequence of the amendment, cities can literally become prisons for many people who are unfortunate enough to have no roof over their heads, and for whom simply sleeping, eating and spending time with friends on the street can bring the threat of heavy penalties or imprisonment.
The government claims this is the only solution for reducing homelessness. NGOs and UN experts are, however, of the opinion that (a better solution is) ensuring the right to adequate housing for all, including the most vulnerable, 

Hey, fix a problem by inventing a right!

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