Monday, March 18, 2013

Why not?

The government's anti-discrimination laws allow it to determine things like where you must send your child to (public) school and to whom you must sell your house.


No. It only forbids you from refusing to sell your house to someone because you don't like their color or ethnicity.

But my question is, if they can do that, why can't they eventually require you to sell it to someone precisely because of their color or ethnicity?

If they forbid you from exercising your free choice in selling what you own, in order to prevent segregated neighborhoods, why can't they force you to sell it to certain people, in order to achieve integrated neighborhoods?

And don't tell me that's just crazy and it'll never happen. Look around.

Whatever the legal pathway, is it not perfectly congruent with the current trajectory?

Remember, socialism comes in two flavors. Confiscatory socialism takes ownership of things that once were in private hands. Regulatory socialism leaves the ownership in private hands but so tightly regulates those hands that all they can really do is sign the check to the tax man.


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