Sunday, March 17, 2013


There are so many stupid mistakes in the BBC Father Brown series. Just plain lazy and stupid. I get to wondering if it isn't conscious. You get a young woman and a Turk to write it...what do you expect?

A FB friend linked to CBS 60 Minutes piece on the American nuns and their problem with Rome. My previous critique stands. They never answer the charges directly. It's all playing the victim and name-calling ("the inquisition) and sloganeering ("a place at the table") and decoying and avoiding the issue, distracting with tu quoque and ad hominem and prevarication...Jeez, all coming down to a great example of why they should not be granted any more power than they have already. A stereotype of how women argue. Can't answer a simple question. And they expect the Church of Rome to take them into its priesthood?

A Trojan (night)mare.

PS. Even reliably leftliberal religion writer Reb Jeffrey Weiss found the cheap one-sidedness too much to take.


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