Monday, March 25, 2013

State religion

Although Liberals are generally paranoid about imminent theocracy from the Right --unless it's Islamic-- and devoted to Jefferson's "separation of church and state" --unless the church are Black -- what has actually happened, IMHO, is that the Liberal State is in fact its own Church. In American, the State has absorbed and replaced the Church.

Liberalism is a complete religious faith. Although devoid of a deity (like Buddhism and Jainism) it nonetheless has its sacred figures, mythology, rites and, above all, morality. It not only has no need of the Church, but is in active competition with it. It can only tolerate a Church that is compliant with the Liberal agenda.

I support traditional religion, despite its unfriendliness to men like me, because it is one of the few remaining points of resistance to this Ecclesia Saecularis.


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