Friday, March 08, 2013

The demon Demography

Israel's Dreaded Tipping Point Has Finally Arrived - S. Daniel Abraham - The Atlantic:

Speaking in The Atlantic, once a vibrant think tank on paper but for the last decade just another mouthpiece for the East Coast Liberals, we hear that the size of the Arab population puts Israel in a terrible spot. Would they dare deny Israeli Arabs the vote and thus risk the hostility of "the rest of the world?"

Who is this "rest of the world" that liberals care so much about? The Crips and the Bloods who inhabit the UN but dress like bankers?

If my people's survival had to be bought at the cost of de-universalizing the franchise and taking away the vote from those who'd like to eat my children for lunch...gee, what would I do?

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Unknown said...

you should make a page or something for all those quotes (and who they were by) that you used to have - those were helpful for making points and researching.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

I kept most of them. Under "Pithy Truths", right under the picture

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