Wednesday, March 06, 2013

My final complaints of the day

Being Human US was a good idea, even with the purposely built-in annoyingness of the characters,  who only get more and more, and more, annoying, but at this point, only Sam Witwer's unusual handsome charmingness justifies it. At all. Josh the ultrapussy dickless Jewish ex-werewolf needs to be strangled to death slowly. And his stupid myopic equally moralistic blond girlfriend, too.

Why does sentimental moralism provoke me so much? Is that my shadow?

Saw a note about the Dominican "Justice and Peace" folks, with their connection to the UN, of all things, complaining that "security and border management styles" in some countries were forcing "migrants and their families" to take risky means to...invade countries where they have no right to be? And there was the usual repetitive blather about "human rights". Turbulent priests.

Banshee turns out to be too violent. Can't believe I'm saying that, but it's how I see it. Three bloody pulp overextended fist fights per episode, too much. Plus, the PC racial politics pisses me off. I really dislike being lied to, especially under the guise of ethical instruction.

But I do like a sip of the creature.

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