Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Conspiracies are not necessary

where culture is a sufficient explanation.

Build five encampments in relatively similar environments, but several miles distant from one another, each one set up to provide initial shelter, sewage, food and medical supplies, etc. for 10,000 people each for a year.

Populate Camp 1 with Japanese, Camp 2 with Poles, Camp 3 with Jews (Israeli and non), Camp 4 with American Blacks and Camp 5 with Mexicans.*

Given what is known about each group's cultural capital, its actual values and interests, its cultural styles and its mental and physical qualities, what's the likelihood that you could predict what each encampment would become after one year, or five years or ten years?

One of the "shadow" sides of multiculturalism, which its proponents don't want to face, is that each culture --just by virtue of being a particular culture, this and not that, Icelandic and not Arab-- has predictable patterns of behavior enmeshed with particular endowments, beliefs and attitudes. These are based on what typically, generally, most of the time happens with these groups. What the multiculties want us to believe, no, require us to believe, is that with all these differences, they are all equally worthwhile in every way. (Or at least every way that multiculties think they should; no one is whining about the absence of Jews in the NBA.) And, and this is the killer, that they are all capable of achieving the same levels of adaptive success, in every field, as the most successful ones. And if they aren't doing that, it's the fault --conspiracy or inherent evil-- of the successful ones.

So one must ask, since Asians in America outstrip the generality of American Whites in education and wealth, what are they doing to keep us down?

A conspiracy? The Protocols of the Elders of Beijing? Or their culture?


PS. A historical example. It's the 16th, 17th, 18th or 19th century. You're an inhabitant of, well, any place on earth that is not Europe. One afternoon, on your beaches or your borders, shows up a few dozen people with whitish skin: some families with kids, a couple of soldiers, a merchant, a guide and a priest or two. What do you think is gonna happen? After all, they're just a few wandering strangers, right?

*Lest I be accused of patriarchal bias...we could add a sixth camp composed entirely of wymyn. Now that would be interesting.

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