Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Although I am not impressed with the use of offendedness in place of argument, I do get offended. Often. Not personally, though. What is it, to be offended?  Well, at least in my case, it is feeling that the proper order of important or sacred things is being violated.

Even a supposedly pro-man comedy like Tim Allen's Last Man Standing assumes from his daughters and wife a baseline level of disrespect for him as a husband and father that offends me.

A Fedex commercial with a Black male supervisor who speaks Standard English, dressingn down the one fool in his work group: not the White, Black and Asian women, but the lone White male.

In a Brit TV film, a White school teacher rescues a small cowering little English boy from the kicking and abuse of a fat Black student (as other White students look on, impassive). The fat Black kid mouths off, refuses to come to the office, taunts the teacher with the fact that he can't make him go because he can't touch him. The teacher grabs him by the ear and drags him off to the principal. Of course, a complaint is laid: racist abuse. The whole system is ranged against the native Brit to coddle this Afro thug.

That offends me.

And all of these things offend me because they are common and because they are part of a cultural war against my kind.

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