Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Me and Al Gore and Midge Decter

Not only have I found a resemblance between Me-in-fantasy and Henry VIII, I now discover that I have a little venn with the loathesome finger-wagging nanny, carbon-gobbling mansion owner and Internet inventor, Al Gore.

He titled his propaganda piece on Anthropogenic Global Warming An Inconvenient Truth.

I can relate.

One of the first experiences which pried me loose from Liberalism back around 2000 was realizing that when I saw things that I was not supposed to see, my instinct was to deny that I was seeing them or to concoct a politically-correct explanation for them. The alternative, seeing inconvenient truths, was that I fell under the self-imposed ban of latae sententiae excommunication from the communion of Decent People. If I persisted in seeing what was in front of my lying eyes, I had to judge myself a Bad Person. And if I spoke of these things aloud, I would be publicly shunned, ferendae sententiae, like an Amish adulterer.

I guess a lot of my Ex Cathedra ranting is really about inconvenient truths: realities that I am not allowed to notice because my moral and intellectual betters tell me so. Especially when it comes to observing and assessing the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors of Official Sacred Victims in Groups. Yet evil neocon Midge Decter's "bigoted formulation" was right: to really understand a group, you have to "know them as a group."  Reb Wise's razor makes that clear.

First I discover a kinship with Henry VIII. Now The Cassandra of Manbearpig.

What's next?


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