Wednesday, March 20, 2013

GOP RIP, continued

The GOP has just put out a report on why it lost in 2012 and how to chart a way forward. Guess what it doesn't talk about.

Mr Matt Parrot opines:

Imagine for a moment an Indian chief releasing a statement that given the large number of White settlers flooding into the region, he has decided to place the interests of these settlers over the interests of his tribesmen, and actively replace his tribesmen with settlers in the prominent roles within the tribe. This chief would be a traitor, would he not? Of course, contemporary White tribes are understood to be the only tribes which have no legitimate group interests, no right to a voice, and no right to resist their displacement and replacement. Our chiefs are the only chiefs who fight over which one of them is most thoroughly and effectively betraying his tribe. 
While minorities are jockeying for better seats on the bus, we’re busy throwing each other under the bus.

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