Monday, March 25, 2013

Wise's Razor

My voluminous commentor jpnill --who mostly comments by email-- passed along an article about famous anti-White, I mean, anti-racist and White privilege activist, American Jew Tim Wise.

When confronted by a Black woman of conservative politics about where she fit in, he asked her a charming question: Since, after 50 years of civil rights legislation, etc. Blacks still fall far behind Whites on every measure*, how do you explain that? 1. By the effects of White racism or 2. by the cultural and/or biological inferiorities of Blacks?

Who ya gonna blame, girl, Whitey or ya own peeps?

It's an interesting question, and I leave it to Ex Cathedra's readers to ponder Reb Wise's Occamist quandry.

*He left out certain kinds of sports, music and entertainment, where Blacks equal or excel us.


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