Saturday, March 09, 2013

Brutha to Brutha

Did Blacks Own Slaves?
 "Henry Louis Gates Jr., The Root, March 4, 2013"

Well, of course they did. And when freed slaves from America went back to Africa and set up Liberia, guess how they treated the local Africans?

A minor point. Via Facebook I wandered onto some self-important website about the Gullah Gootchee Nation, a bunch of mixed Black and Indian folks on the coast of Carolina who have a kind of pidgin language. The "Queen" of this "nation" --a smart cookie--kept referring to "kidnapped Africans". Well, that's true. But she lets you think that it was Whites only who were doing this. All the history shows that Whites hung out mostly on the coast, set up shop and waited for Africans to bring them the newly "kidnapped Africans". The vast majority of Africans who were herded into the the slave ships were caught by and sold by other Black Africans.

Apparently they did know know that they were bruthas.

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