Friday, March 22, 2013

Eve's daughters

One of the things I like about the Harry Potter stories is that the female author does not idealize females.

In The Half-Blood Prince, Hermione and Harry's future wife Ginnie gang up on him to find out about the secret of his potions book. Frustrated female curiosity: the source of cosmic catastrophe in both orthdox and Gnostic creation stories.

They combine a sense of moral outrage, envy, boundary violation, accusation and then trickery and outright physical force to get what they want. It is part of the dishonesty of female privilege, the belief they have that they can provoke a male and suffer no consequences for it. Not my favorite female characteristic.

If two males ganged up on a female like this, well, you know.

It's to Rowling's credit that, despite all the highminded morals in the story, she is observant of human --and specifically female-- flaw.


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Leah said...

Which is why her books are so successful - it has real people.
Also, boy did she get teenage angst down perfectly. Her daughter must have been a teenager when she wrote that.

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