Saturday, March 02, 2013

Catholic BS

Santa Rosa Diocese requires its teachers to reject 'modern errors' |

The Santa Rosa bishop wants his school teachers to sign on to the Church's teaching about things like contraception, gay marriage, euthanasia,etc.

Fair enough.

Imagine: a Catholic system requiring Catholicism. Scandalous. Unheard of.  People are acting like the Inquisition is in town.

Do you think there'd be an outcry about this if it were an Islamic school? Sure.

But the BS part comes from the lingo now favored by the RC Church to show its bona fides for playing with the rest of the UN-style social worker blabbing and Euro-posturing around the globe, from politicians to NGO's.

The teachers are supposed to assert that these bad things "gravely offend human dignity."

Why not man up and just say they offend the teachings of the Church? This constant use of "the dignity of the human person" smells artificial and ten minutes old, opportunistic and boring as hell, trying to sound like the cool kids. Who aren't that cool.

I was educated on the Baltimore Catechism, all four editions. Human dignity? Never heard of it.

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Leah said...

And look how you turned out.....

DrAndroSF said...

LOL. A comment ambiguous in form, if not in content :)

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