Monday, March 04, 2013

Bump in the night

For reasons unknown, I fell asleep around 8 this evening and then woke up at 12.30. Well, what to do now? (Ever since my post noting a good night's sleep as things I'm grateful for, I've not slept through once!).

A 1972 flick with pre-Magnum PI Tom Selleck? A Filipino witchcraft production, with his loony wife as a re-incarnated bruja. Oy. His Jesse Stone series has redeemed him, though.
Watched How the West Was Won over the last few days. A drama of westward migration through three generations. Not what I expected, but still with its exciting and moving moments. The nine-day truck trip I made in 1991 to move out to California, crossing the country, left me permanently awed by the folks who came out here on foot, on horseback, in wagons. 

Ate an orange. Used to be a great fan of orange juice. Sorta gave it up several years ago. Don't remember why.

She Done Him Wrong. Mae West and Cary Grant. A 1938 film about the 1890's. That'll do. I'll watch it through or fall asleep during it. The latter, I hope.


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