Monday, March 04, 2013

The Most Foolish People Award

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I have described Liberalism as follows:
a systematic program of replacing historically successful groups with historically less or unsuccessful groups, replacing Oppressor Classes with Sacred Official Victim classes, by means of State power and PC social control. A dictatorship of the victimariate. 
I was being kind. Actually it is a systematic program of getting historically successful groups to replace themselves with historically less or unsuccessful groups. 

I call Whites the Most Foolish People on the Planet because I can't think of any other group that so passionately believes its own BS when the results are so obviously damaging to it. Just because it's "right". Or "nice." This is especially true of White men. Every other group that espouses Liberalism intends to benefit by it with an increase in status, power and wealth. The only loser group is White, and mostly male. (White women seem neither to know nor care that their feminism has been a huge contributor to the decline of their men and that it will eventually catch up with them.)

And yet, Whites buy it. No wonder I call it a trance. At least 40% of them buy it. Enough, combined with the naked self interest of the Coloreds and their tiny minority friends like Jews and gays, to put the Obamanation of desolation in the temple and then re-elect him.

White countries of Europe, North America and Australia are all in this same suicidal boat build of demographics and policy.

Really, can you think of any group on the planet more foolish?


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