Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Down under

New Australian PM Tony Abbot is a breath of fresh air.

A Catholic, he responded thusly to the typical liberal/statist clerical whining against conservative attitudes and programs about the poor and marginalized,
 "The priesthood gives someone the power to consecrate bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ. It doesn't give someone the power to convert poor logic into good logic."



Anonymous said...

When I heard about his victory, I took an immediate liking to him. Charismatic but not slimy, staunch but not tyrannical, realistic but not spineless. From what I hear, he ran a brilliant campaign. And now I discover that he's a member of The Flock. Is it just me, or do Catholics (and some ex-Catholics) have a monopoly on wit and good grace in the face of opposition?

On another note, happened across an article by one Paul Elam on A Voice For Men that practically called Jack Donovan a psychopath. His evidence? Jack's vitriol for gay culture, specifically his use of the word "fag." Specifically, calling an unnamed male figure skater a "fag." No name given, but I'm going to guess it was in relation to Johnny Weir. Who really is an arch-fag. This Elam character seems to think that Jack has a complex stemming from his homosexuality and his desire to write about masculinity in a "vain" attempt to assert his own masculinity in "a world that does not think he is a man." He seemed genuinely shocked that Jack would dare say that rainbows are not a color scheme one should use in a website for "male studies." He bemoans that alphas and "those who imagine they are," obviously implying that Jack is not an alpha, like to "impose their ideas of masculinity on others," and then snidely concludes that Jack is like the generals of WWI. His parting shot was to tell Jack that "you're gay," and that he should accept it. Apparently, you don't need to be heterosexual or "an over compensating asshole" to be a man. Certainly not of the feminist persuasion.

Even as I read it, I thought, "what a sniveling omega." To be sure, I don't agree with everything Jack thinks. Men should commit suicide if they have economic problems? Isn't that what the Gang he writes about is for? Support? Otherwise, why not live alone? But in a debate between Jack and a sneering academic like this Elam fellow, I would take Jack's side 90% of the time. Because honestly? The kind of man Jack Donovan wants to make sounds a lot more appealing than the kind of man Paul Elam wants to make.


OreamnosAmericanus said...

I believe the word for Elam and his ilk is "mangina."

Anonymous said...

Another word that sets him off, by the way. The image that springs to mind is of my aunt's pug, a spoiled little rat of an animal. It had an encounter with my German shepherd, once; a quiet growl to put the rat in its place sent the pug across the room into the corner, barking and growling with wide fearful eyes, Contemptuous and pathetic. The comparisons are striking.


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