Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The (de)construction trades

Social construct is one of the code phrases of the post-modern Left. It is either explicitly or implicitly preceded by the words "merely a". When sex, as in male or female gender, is called a social construct, the purpose of calling it that is to validate --actually, to mandate-- alterations in it. After all, what is merely socially constructed can obviously be socially de-constructed. Right?

I wonder, though, in this frame, what human phenomena are not socially constructed?

The other oddity is that culture --which is obviously socially constructed-- is considered inviolable and long as the culture is not White Western. In which case it is merely an oppressive system of power relations crying out for de-construction.

One of the other fun things about this worldview is that race is considered both sacred and fixed and at the same time a deceptive social construction that does not really exist. When it serves an anti-White agenda, race is a fiction. But if, suppose, Ex Cathedra, in transgender fashion, decided to socially reconstruct his race...well, come on. Are you crazy?

As I move farther and farther way from liberalism  --first and briefly, libertarian, then a dozen years or so of American style conservatism and lately, what I can only call a kind of reactionary stance-- the entire edifice seems like the walls of an insane asylum.


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Anonymous said...

"The white page can be overwritten; and the white light can be broken." Tolkien put those words of Saruman as he started on his power trip. I thought that they were appropriate to your post. I have noticed an attitude among liberals that white culture is not culture at all, more like a blank slate to be covered with a nonsensical kaleidoscope of color. Otherwise, it is boring and oppressively unimaginative, and requires the supposed compassion and creativity of Third World cultures to attain perfection.

VDH has officially jumped on your band wagon. Not by name, but boy-howdy if he hasn't been reading this blog; his most recent post on the National Review site had echoes of your thinking. He decries multiculturalism as Western suicide; I wondered at times which of you was writing it. :)

The American Right is feeling more and more reactionary: the Tea Party's newfound hatred of traitorous former golden boy Marco Rubio, Michelle Malkin defending Heritage's former member. I'm starting to wonder if the decent conservatives and Republicans who have so long fought claims of racism have thrown up their hands and said, "You want racist? You got racist!"

I have a growing sense that things are coming to a head in this country, some sort of confrontation from which there will be no return. The election was not the end of the war, it merely accelerated its arrival. On one side, we have people who still essentially believe that the Founders' ideas are worth trying. On the other, we have people who believe that the real and perceived sins of the country necessitates a dictatorship of niceness, and their allies who wish to grow fat off of the ensuing plunder. After whatever it is that will happen (gosh I'm feeling vague today!) happens, I don't think we will recognize the country.

Who knows, maybe Jack Donovan's vision of a "high barbarian" society, masculine, militant, and homosexual-tolerant, will come to pass. I for one have learned that adopting a pessimistic outlook leads to a decrease in unpleasant surprises and an increase in pleasant surprises. Que sera, sera.


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