Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More natural imbalance

The near-idolatrous reverence of liberals for The Ecosystem is well known. For the last thirty years at least, hardly any nature programming does not hold forth about the complex interconnectedness of the ecosystem and the disasters that can result --in often entirely unexpected ways-- when any part of it is tampered with.

I thought of this because of a brief discussion with a friend about bumble bees. It started out with sunglasses he was wearing. I'll spare you the details. I got curious and looked up Wiki and found a quote from Darwin. He noticed that a certain type of clover was visited solely by bumble bees and that it must rely on them for pollination. Bee nests were destroyed by field mice. And so where mice-eating cats abounded, so did bumblebees, on which the clover depended. He pointed out that cats were, further along the chain, the protectors of bees and of clover. Not an obvious link, but a real one. The idea of the ecosystem need not be worshiped in order to be true.

But liberals never seem to think of human communities as ecosystems, as natural systems. Because they don't really accept the idea of a human nature, preferring to think of our species as the one blank slate on the planet. They assume that society and society's laws lay hid in night/ Liberalism said, Let the Managerial State be!...and all was light. But the examples of disaster resulting from well-intentioned but compulsive and chronic tinkering with the human ecosystem are too numerous. All of Marxism is one long planned and disastrous tinkering with it. Liberalism, its not-often-enough acknowledged cousin, plays the same game and similar downstream miseries result.

Who would imagine, if they decided to cut down on the number of cats in a rural area --because, for example, they threaten birds' eggs-- that one day you could wind up with cloverless fields of mice? The human system may in fact be far more complex and interconnected, yet fiddling with it is the Liberals' daily bread.


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Anonymous said...

Liberals think we are a blank slate because we can think about ourselves. "I think, therefore I am" is inevitably followed by "What am I?" And since we have no higher authority around 24/7 to tell us what we are, it's natural that people come to different conclusions about human nature.

But I think the liberal insistence on the potential for human nature being altered or perfected, along with their narcissistic notion that humans have damaged the earth and can undo it, is a manifestation of an intrinsic desire for power. Specifically, unobtainable power. Conservatives limit themselves to mundane notions of power. Only liberals could have the audacity to think that some chatty monkeys that have been around for the blink of an eye hold the fate of a 4.6 billion year old planet in their hands.


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