Monday, May 27, 2013


Good line from the series Top of the Lake, set in New Zealand and starring (yet another) female cop with an attitude. Odd, dark, off and atmospheric. All the men, so far, are either brutes, ass-kissers or disappointments. Aside from the bitch cop, all the women are victims, on a spectrum from pathetic to crazy. I hope things become less cartoonish. The New Zealand landscape is jaw-dropping.

Her mother, who may be dying, says to her, "You are cold and hard. And your tragedy is that you you think it's strength. It's not."

A lot of women could listen.



Anonymous said...

Do you think that women like that are so miserable and unpleasant because their psyches are strained from defying their nature? Women are nurturers, first and foremost. Attempting to be something you are not (in this case, cold and hard) would drive me mad. Anything to that?

Kiwi television is unknown to me, except for one show I've heard about. "The Almighty Johnsons". And if the title made your mind go south of the border as it were, it should. From what I've gathered, four brothers and their impossibly young-looking grandfather are reincarnations of Norse gods. Which means they use divine powers to bed women, be successful at gambling, or in the case of the ice god brother, angst about being a god. The gods (except for the main character, Axl/Odin) seem to be mostly dishonorable jerks, and the goddesses are typical feminists, sniping at the gods or trying to kill them in between bouts of torrid sex. Only the dislikable characters don't have sex. Ugh, I think I'll pass. I don't think anything state side is that ridiculous (yet), and glad of it.


OreamnosAmericanus said...

The series was written by feminist Jane Campion. It got to be a bit like Twin Peaks, but without any of the humor. And the ending was, as many endings are, a let down.

Although she did reveal the nuttiness of the women (The female guru left her commune saying, I have to get away from these crazy bitches) it is the men who were the root of all evil.

The female detective revealed a much softer side later on, but her default hardness was also revealed to have come from male enacted trauma.

Funny thing. The New Zealand natural setting is spectacular but the human environment is grey and claustrophobic.

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