Saturday, May 11, 2013

Oooooh, scary Right Wingers

Jason Richwine, Heritage immigration expert quits

Another one thrown under the bus for his realism.

You can see how dangerous the Right Wing in America is. Not.

"If you want to know who your real masters are, discover who it is that you are not allowed to criticize."

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PS. My very liberal GayJewishNewYorker office mate, from whom I lease my therapy space, has reduced my rent. He joked that I could send the extra money to the Heritage Foundation. Not bloody likely.

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Anonymous said...

HT to Michelle Malkin for defending Richwine over at the National Review. She correctly pointed out that social studies may as well be abandoned if people are not permitted to use it for studies that may lead to unpleasant conclusions.

Malkin may screech at times, but she is tireless in her efforts to expose the Left and their hypocrisy. Twitchy may just be one of the best conservative sites on the web.


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