Sunday, May 05, 2013

Regime of lies, continued

Gun deaths shaped by race in America:

The website that described the poll about armed revolution led me to a few other stories about guns. In these days when the Democrats are trying to physically disarm the nation --part of their long march disarming us psychologically and spiritually--, such stories are numerous.

The Washington Post, mouthpiece of the Liberal regime, has a piece on gun deaths in America and race. The whole piece is based on comparing White suicide rates by gun with Black homicide rates by gun. As if they were comparable issues.

Even though more Whites commit suicide than Blacks died by homicide, suicide is not the issue. The country is still, after all, two-thirds White and only thirteen percent Black. What is interesting, and totally avoided, is the proportion of gun deaths in the nationwide total provided by this smaller population. And indeed, by a minority within that population.

Part of what shows how the American MSM perform the Pravda-like functions of lying for the regime is, of course, what they don't say. We hear about city vs country, states with high gun ownership vs those with low, etc. We hear about the NRA. Blah, blah.

But who's doing all the killings? Who are the people who need to have their gun use controlled by law? All the events cited by gun control crusaders are murders, usually the spectacular group shootings favored by Whites (and Asians), but whose numbers pale (sic) in comparison to those of Black deaths. Are we supposed to believe that this Democrat moral panic about gun control is really about protecting rural Whites in the western states from killing themselves?

Whites who kill themselves are obviously killed by Whites. But the description of all the Black gun deaths studiously avoids any mention at all of who is doing the killing, who is pulling the triggers. In the one case study designed to illustrate the family pain, etc. we are told that "someone" in a car drove by and killed the boy.

If this 13% minority produces 50% of all the murder deaths in the country and 93% of those deaths were at the hands of other Blacks, what's your guess about who's pulling the triggers?

But the Washington Post lies by omission because it doesn't want us to know that a Sacred Protected Victim Group is the source not only of its own griefs but a hugely disproportionate source of the country's.

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Anonymous said...

I think a majority of the country suspects the truth, or knows and is too afraid to say anything for fear of calling the Washingtonian Inquisition down on their heads. Tyrants and fanatics, that's who runs the country. Even Madison, the Father of Progressives in the conservative creation myth, would be appalled.


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