Wednesday, May 22, 2013

African Muslims slaughter Brit soldier in London street

Soldier hacked to death in London -

If this case is as described, here and elsewhere, then the rational response, the response that makes the most sense, would be riots, burnings and killings by the native English population.

You say that I am a savage. But how do you fight this kind of savagery? With conferences and pamphlets? Empty expressions outrage? Do you think that the willingness of the Brits to tolerate this on Remembrance Day..

had nothing to do with this today?

Unless these vile communities are assured of responses in more-than-kind, they have NO reason to stop. Refusal to attack back is only interpreted as weakness.

Enoch Powell was right. Just ask Kathy Shaidle.

Operation Ferdinand and Isabella 2.0: the expulsion of the Moors from England...and eventually from all of Christendom.

Santiago Matamoros!

BTW, if you know some nice Muslims who would never think of doing anything remotely like this, so do I. The point is that Islam is your enemy, even if individual Muslims are not. When Muslims grow in numbers, it is not your nice neighbor who takes leadership, it is the classical and true Muhammad-imitating Muslim. And he was a warlord and the instituter of the jihad.

I know a nice local gay psychologist who is a Communist. That changes nothing about what Marxism really was and is. One of him is a curiosity; ten thousand of him is a crisis.

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Anonymous said...

At least the Brits have the stones to call it terrorism. The last time a Mohammedan killed U.S. soldiers on our land, it was called "work place violence." Recall that a fascist political party gained some traction in the last parliamentary election, and the UKIP has won seats in Parliament.

I think people kind of got used to the Mohammedans using the tools of the modern era to further their goals. A return to their savage medieval roots in the middle of "enlightened" Europe will hopefully spark outrage. The British do not seem so far gone to me that this will generate no reaction.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's because I don't consciously consider myself part of the gay community, but it just hit me: these animals want to kill me. They want to hang me, or if they're feeling old school, drop a wall on me. I have every right to fear these people like the plague.

Christians don't do this. Jews don't. Hindus and Buddhists don't. This is a Mohammedan thing, and until people start saying that, we are in for a world of hurt. The gay community in Amsterdam is already getting a taste for what happens when government dhimmitizes itself to Mohammedans.

I will go become a communist before I let these monsters demote me and the man I may one day love to subhumans. Here's one abomination who will not take it lying down, you pigs. Come get some.

Deus vult, motherfuckers!


DrAndroSF said...

Deus vult, motherfuckers!

Good one.

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