Monday, May 27, 2013

Girlish whims

Women becoming priests without Vatican's blessing -

Another confused and silly would-be Priestette, ordained this time at the Purple Goddess Temple about two miles up the hill from my house. That particular "church" can cause testosterone levels to plunge even from several blocks away.

It is one of the strange features of religious dissent in our time, among Catholics anyway, that people who are clearly no longer Roman Catholic continue to assert that they are. At least the 16th century Reformers broke with Rome and were clear and happy about it. But then, they were all men. These women are clearly bargain basement Protestants in most ways, but with an atavistic obsession with the Mass and the priesthood. In reality, they are not even classical Protestants, --who would have quoted I Corinthians 14:34-- just entitled and resentful White feminists with chalice envy and a limitless capacity for denial.

Is it inertia that creates this odd anti-belonging? Or just fixation in the adolescent phase of development? Or the hugely changed and diminished role of religion, where now it is really nothing more defining than any other consumer choice. Political identities are far more "hard".

One of the women says that she does not leave the Church because it "belongs" to her. A completely ludicrous notion in Catholic terms. I hear echoes of Jung's animus-possessed women, females who have identified their egos with their inferior masculine and present the undignified spectacle of trying to impress you most loudly with their least-developed talent.

It is no accident that the female who transgresses male boundaries is one of the archetypal themes in tragedy. Even in Gnosticism, supposedly a great feminist friend, the primordial disaster in the Godhead was provoked, at least in one major version, by a female aeon's driving curiosity and refusal to accept her destined distance from The First Father.

I notice a bizarre contradiction in these women that I also notice in a lot of transgenders. The womenpriests' whole point is that they are priests, sacramentally ordained in a way that distinguishes them from laypeople. Not, no not, laypeople. Yet in this article, as throughout this movement, we find them verbally denying the very thing that obsesses them. If "Jesus said we are all priests" --and I dare you to find the scriptural support for that one-- then why bother to get ordained? They assure you that their vestments are just "baptismal", as they set about to get the priestly laying on of hands. So why not let everyone just take the priestly role in turn? Like the Valentinian Gnostics? But could all this really be about power and status? About female ego? Shocka.

Transgenders, too, will go on and on attacking "the binary gender regime" which forces us all to be either male or female. And then they spend lots of money, endure all sorts of pain and dislocation in order to fulfill that precise binary mandate.

Wabbits are not the only silly ones.

HT to TB, Bishop of Portland.

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Anonymous said...

If only the Church had the back bone to publicly disown these women. All this willful ignorance does is give the womenpriests more credibility. Last I checked, there was still a rite of excommunication. Use it!


Anonymous said...

In the best and worst ways, men have a drive to hear someone else say 'uncle!' and women have a drive to hear someone else say 'no!' These drives can be channeled to socially and individually healthy ends, or (among those who confuse what is natural with what is good) they can be allowed to tear down societies and individuals. Men will push until someone says uncle, women will push until someone says no.

- The Bishop of Portland

OreamnosAmericanus said...

In the best and worst ways, men have a drive to hear someone else say 'uncle!' and women have a drive to hear someone else say 'no!'

Nicely put, Your Grace.

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