Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bad boyz

There's been a spate of anti-gay violence in New York lately, beatings and one death. All seem unprovoked and cowardly. The victims were all taken by surprise, either outnumbered by a larger group or unarmed against men with weapons.

It's one thing to hold a public anti-homophobia rally in an obviously anti-gay society like Georgia and not expect a violent pushback. It's another to be walking around the streets of New York doing nothing provocative and be set upon by a pack of thugs. Urbania

As disapproving as I am of LGBT victimist carryings-on and as respectful I am of traditional masculinity, this kind of contemptible human-hunting behavior, gangs stalking the weaker, is the shameful shadow of men. Acting out a primal instinct of showing dominance, it actually reveals cowardice. No matter who the perpetrators, or the victims, it's always turned my stomach.


Now for the tricky part. About the Georgians.

It's easy to make the locals and their church look like mere barbarians. Especially if you know nothing of their history and current situation. But from their point of view, if you look around at the advanced West, to see what eventuates from the recognition of "LGBT rights", what starts out as a humane plea for the tolerance of a tiny minority winds up with a society where merely arguing against gay marriage makes you a pariah. Seeing that trajectory...



Anonymous said...

Multiple thoughts.

Just got back from seeing Star Trek. It should be illegal for Chris Pine to cry in any context, it was a little distressing that I could not console him in a couple scenes, especially that one at the end. He has become even more attractive to me, if that's even possible. Benedict Cumberbatch's voice is one of the nicest I've ever heard; like the aural love child of a jaguar growl and a cello's open E string. He gave a great performance as Khan (the whole theater gasped at the reveal. Had a Trekkie audience!). The "war is preventable" moral was annoying, but certainly not a game breaker. All-in-all, very enjoyable, a silly yet zippy script, snappy banter. And the brief glimpses of Kirk in a bodysuit, mmm!

On a more serious note, the gay bashings. The gang activity is an expression of the pack mentality, a deep part of men's psyche. However, instead of channeling that collective inclination to violence to defend the weak and defenseless, a drive that probably lead to the rise of human society, they use it to prey on those same people. If these men were so confident that they could "beat the fag," why do they need friends?

Both sides are starting to resemble each other in their vitriol. Yet so great is the hatred on the Left for supporters of traditional marriage, that even The New Republic, hardly a conservative publication, featured an article recently that opposition to gay marriage shouldn't and can't be used to assume genuine homophobia. Hint: homophobes are pretty open about it. I should know, my teenage brother is one. Ironic, since not a day goes by where his effeminate behavior makes me think "fag."

Both sides are becoming vitriolic. A plague on both their houses, I say. I say we form New Sparta, where men are men, and men enjoying men isn't a crime, but not a mandatory cause for celebration. Care to be prime minister?


OreamnosAmericanus said... the aural love child of a jaguar growl and a cello's open E string.

quite the simile.

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