Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Via YouTube, there's an offering of a virtual tour of the 9/11 Memorial in New York.

My bet is that the entire proceeding will be absent any mention of Muslims or Islam, as the memorial itself seems to be, so I will pass.

My birthfather, whom I never knew, was in North Africa and Italy during WW2 and, from the fragments I get from my mom, had a kind of PTSD. My Dad, who raised me, was a Navy pilot in the South Pacific.


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Anonymous said...

A douchecanoe by the name of Charles Davis has stirred a bipartisan hornets' nest on Twitter by tweeting that he prayed that our soldiers don't kill anybody today. He is a self-proclaimed "journalist," which really means he was a researcher for Michael Moore on his movie "Capitalism: A Love Story," covering Congressional stories for NPR, and pontificates on Common Dreams how evil Bush is, Powell is a war criminal, liberals betrayed Bradley Manning, etc. Vomit-inducing. Even goes so far as to vehemently disagree with Michelle Obama, a woman and a black, when she said that black culture, not white racism, that is to blame for white failure.

Critics were quick to mock him as a sissy and a fag.
Which is true; look at his photos. Arch-fag, I'd even say. But when people started throwing around the term "beta male," I reminded them that most betas are really alphas who follow betas; this waste of a y-chromasome is the ultimate omega. Any interaction whatsoever between him and a higher-power male must play like dubiously consensual sex.

How did you ever believe this tripe? God, there must have been some serious doublethink and self-delusion going on here.


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