Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Boomer Disease

A lot of Boomer organizations seem to wind up like this.

The California therapists association I belong to just informed us that 60% of its membership is over 55. (And is typically female and White).

Almost as bad as nuns, whose average age in the US is 74.



Anonymous said...

An aging breed. A shame, I sincerely believe that people need somebody to talk to and help them process their feelings. It may not need to be a therapist though, maybe even just a good friend or a significant other. But God forbid I put you out of a job, Ex!:)

I have resolved not to think about decisions and dilemmas that will be years in the coming. I'm just going to worry about the here and now, and what I want and need in the present and near future. Otherwise, I think I may go insane. And I can think of one way I can occupy myself. I just hope I'm right about my hunch that one of the trainers at my gym is gay, or else I'm back to the drawing board.


TribalElder said...

Since it's May, and April is the cruelest month, consider this comment 23 days late.

If many of the boomer organizations end up pushing up daisies along with their members, that may actually be progress.

The California Therapists organizations may be the psycho-social equivalent of "Sheik of Araby." Great song from a great time -- largely forgotten, still melodic.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

Ur thoughts, TribalElder, mirror those of my mother, who one day said of my Boomer generation, "Things will never get better until you're all dead."

After that, we made her live in the barn.

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