Monday, May 06, 2013

The "Blank"-word

Hanson ruminates on immigration, deportation, etc.

VDH's Private Papers:: The D-word:

It is one of the irksome verbal habits of our age that certain un-sayable words get said in the above euphemistic form. Instead of nigger we have The N Word, instead of fuck, the F word. Am I the only one for whom this sounds infantile, the kind of speech we hear from little kids about their body parts or their eliminatory functions? We laugh at the silly euphemisms of earlier times while we manufacture our own with equal fervor and self-righteousness.

Speaking of the D-word deportation: One of the constitutional structures of my Alternate Republic is a clear distinction between the rights of citizens and the rights of non-citizens. People we used to call foreigners. (How uncouth and dichotomous. After all, aren't we all, in some sense, foreigners?)

"Due process" for a foreigner in regard to legal residency status would be as simple as due process for a driver in regard to legal licensure. You have 48 hours to show it or you get your ass booted out. Very simple.

I lived in foreign countries for 18 years, two of 'em. In both cases, it was perfectly obvious to me that it was my responsibility to make sure I was compliant with their rules on foreigners. I guess that's part of why it galls me --enrages me, actually-- to see foreigners invade my homeland and then demand, well, demand anything. And to see the "native population" cave so massively and shamefully.

As I've said, if you can't control your borders --or more to the point, won't-- then what the F-word is the point of having a country at all?


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Anonymous said...

Americans are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and beyond for breaking even the smallest laws in other countries. Witness the circus that is the Amanda Knox trial, which has resulted in her effectively being declared persona non grata in Italy.

But if a foreigner gets so much as a dirty look in this country, Our Dear Leader bows and scrapes to whatever head of state the person came from.

And is it just me, or are people beginning to notice that the emperor really is naked, and a eunuch to boot? The man's second 100 days has passed with nothing to show for it: sequester went from crying wolf to playground loser stomping home, and gun control was stymied. El grupo de ocho's "we swear it's not amnesty" immigration bill is looking more dead in the water with every passing day. Obama was openly mocked by the Israelis for his inaction against Syria. Democrats are running from Obamacare like it's a leper. These four years will be a tough slog, but there will be some moments of vindictive glee.


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