Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Obamanation continues

The Benghazi cover-up. The IRS attacks on the Right. The DOJ about AP phone records.

And to think that Richard Nixon resigned merely over a single political robbery...

And why did Alberto Gonzalez resign as AG?

Behind the Curtain: D.C. turns on Obama - POLITICO.com:

One can only hope.


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Anonymous said...

The Nixon parallels are eerie. Watergate began breaking around this time of year, too. Sources in the CIA are suggesting that a fourth scandal will break. How could it be worse than this? My libertarian friend remarked that if I had said that Obama would crash and burn as badly as he has, he would not have believed me.

My dad and I were discussing what the implications of the impeachment of the first black president would be for . He, the optimist, said it would be a vindication of civil rights, judging by character, not skin color. I, the pessimist, said it would be a admittance of defeat for civil rights, that what we were promised by its proponents and what we got are vastly different things.


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