Sunday, December 02, 2012

The Balkan States of America

Mr. Ricky Martin recently proclaimed how proud he was that for the recent elections, "the minorities" --in which he certainly includes his own oppressed multimillionaire gay self-- had gotten together to ensure civil rights, etc. by electing O.

Racial Minority Member

If Mr. Martin is not Caucasian, then I am Bantu. It's only his Hispanic culture that grants him the right to play minority. He is no mixed-blood mestizo. In his case, he a "Hispanic White". (Like Mr. George Zimmerman).

Which, Ex Cathedra has decided, is BS. The whole category, which of course, makes me, for census purposes, a non-Hispanic White.

Either you're Hispanic-Latino-Etc. or you're White. In crazy America, people like Martin or even European,  and therefore White, Spanish immigrant Antonio Banderas can get on the Minority Express. Move them both to South America and guess what they instantly become? White. But here, they can play Sacred Minority member at will. So be it.

In the opinion of Mr Ex Cathedra, who is as White as they come --Irish, Danish, Norwegian-- if you are Hispanic --no matter your pigmentation-- then you're Hispanic and not White. You're not one of us.


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