Sunday, December 02, 2012

Just in case you forgot

The Phantom: despite the ubiquitous and annoying Phallic Females, a fun 1996 adventure flick set in the 1930's. Billy Zane at his peak.

The Chinese pirate king insults White Guy Bad Guy Xander Drax (Treat Williams suffering in the role with bad direction) by telling him that he could send his "pretty white ass" to the fishes.

Even though the Oriental evildoer eventually winds up as dinner for the fishes himself, thanks to Mr. Zane the Phantom, it should be noted that the Man of Color, even back then, could reference a White man's pallor in a threat while it would have been soooo Raciss! to have any Caucasoid mention the yellowness of said pirate's posterior.

This is an exercise in racial power. Just one example of The Law.


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